jet charter

For the ultimate experience in terms of convenience and flexibility, chartering an aircraft from FLY ROYAL AVIATION can deliver you wherever you need to be, for leisure or business, in style and comfort.

The options are, quite simply, endless. Whatever your needs, we can advise you on the options available. Whether you need a executive jet or large airliner, we can transport any number of passengers, wherever you need to be in the world. Chartering a flight means you can dictate timings and locations to suit you. No more heading into massive, crowded terminal buildings, queuing to board, and waiting for everyone else. If you’re planning a trip and are unsure whether chartering an aircraft is feasible, why not contact our team who can talk you through the options that meet your plans.

We can advise on airfields near your destination, as well as the most suitable aircraft that matches your needs and budget. We’ll follow this up with a simple, no obligation quote for your consideration that includes details of the suggested aircraft, and all associated charges. If you’re ready to proceed, there’s just a simple, one page booking agreement to sign. The freedom of private air travel is simply incomparable. You’ll have the time, and peace, to finish that important presentation, or maybe just time to unwind with your loved ones before reaching your holiday home. Simply step onto the aircraft and enjoy your flight.

We can talk you through the process and provide examples of previous projects we’ve worked on. We’ll do our utmost to accommodate your requirements.


jet charter

We have extensive experience in facilitating private service-led travel for large groups. With partners around the world, we can provide hassle-free travel experiences and accommodate the most complex travel needs.

Fly Royal Aviation has become synonymous with providing the very best in service-led private travel for large groups including music/film tours, company group travel, trade shows and sports travel. Through extensive experience providing private air travel for some of the most significant film stars tours of the past decade, we understand the very specific challenges and requirements faced by large group travel. We work closely with tour organisers, drawing on our knowledge and experience to accommodate complex requirements. We can guarantee the utmost discretion for our clients, and ensure seamless movement from city to city, and country to country.

Whether your travel requirements are regional, national or global, we have vast experience of group travel requirements lasting from several weeks, to those spanning a year or more. Equally, we can arrange one off flights to overcome a specific logistical challenge, or accommodate last minute schedule changes. Our priority is ensuring privacy, comfort and convenience for every single client, minimising security delays and travelling directly to your specified destination. Our team can provide guidance and recommendations to ensure an aircraft is ideally suited to your group size and budget, offering vital support and assistance so that you can feel completely confident leaving everything in our hands.

We draw on our vast experience of destinations and airports to recommend locations and timings that meet your needs. Regularly arranging flights to some of the world’s most far-flung destinations means that we’re well versed in the procedures and requirements that exist in each location. For you, the benefit is in seamless arrivals and departures without delay, and in the ultimate convenience for you and your clients.


jet charter

Leave the logistics to us as we provide the ultimate hassle-free private air travel that leaves you free to focus on more pressing business matters.

We understand that your time is precious and that every hour counts. Even the convenience and comfort of First Class is surpassed by the sheer flexibility of private air travel. There’s no need to set up office in a business lounge, located at the end of an endless corridor, following the extensive rituals of check in and security and their lengthy queues. When you fly privately, you enjoy the opportunity to dictate your departure time, and arrive at the airport a mere 15 minutes prior to departure. And, if you’re running late, there’s absolutely no chance of your flight leaving without you.

On board, you can enjoy complete privacy, giving you the opportunity to make confidential calls, or hold meetings on board without the worry of being overheard. With many planes equipped with state of the art technology, you can email or even take conference calls, meaning you’re every bit as productive as if you were on the ground. Chartered aircraft often operate out of smaller airfields as they don’t need the extensive runways used by commercial planes. For you, this means there’s no need to negotiate massive airports like DELHI, but instead, you can arrive and depart from airfields that are closer to your destination, saving you yet more time.

Whether your business needs require you to travel alone or as a team, we can guide and advise on suitable aircraft from helicopters to executive jets. We arrange thousands of flight hours every year, giving us enviable purchasing power within our sector, that is far greater than any individual or group. We provide our clients with exceptional value for money, as we pass on the savings directly to you so you could well find that private travel is a more affordable option than you thought.


jet charter

Your time is precious, and time spent together as a family should be time where every moment counts. Let us relieve the pressure and allow you time to enjoy the moment, together.

For discerning individuals who are time poor, we provide effortless, relaxing and enjoyable private air travel for you and those dearest to you. Meeting your most exacting requirements, our skill is in delivering memorable moments that you can cherish, together. Whether you need a last-minute flight to whisk you off for an impromptu weekend skiing in Himachal /Kashmir or a day at the races, or you’re looking for the ultimate in private, luxury travel to deliver you safely to your summer villa in the Med, we can accommodate your plans in style, leaving no detail to chance.

Forget lengthy waits at the airport, as queuing to deposit your luggage and waiting to board a plane become a distant memory. You choose a convenient time and location to depart, whether you’re working around the end of term, or the close of trading. Private air travel offers you the freedom and flexibility to manage your time to your ultimate advantage. Our aviation experts will advise on suitable aircraft, and any practical considerations such as the need for on-board catering, or travelling with a much-loved family.

We’re proud to deliver exceptional, personal service and provide outstanding standards in client care, whilst all the while offering the best possible value for our clients. Our team take time to appreciate your specific needs, and then look to negotiate the best available options for your travel plans. We’ll recommend and advise on the most convenient routes, considering time and location constraints, to come up with the most workable flights for your family. Nothing is overlooked, and we’re with you every step of the way, behind the scenes, working to ensure a seamless experience, every time.

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