We have extensive experience in facilitating private service-led travel for large groups.


For the ultimate experience in terms of convenience and flexibility, chartering an aircraft from FLY ROYAL AVIATION can deliver you wherever you need to be, for leisure or business, in style and comfort.


  • Speed : 800km/hr


Renowned for its durability and high dispatch rate, our Legacy 650 transports up to 14 passengers in a well-appointed, largest-in-class, three-zone cabin that is also one of the quietest. Yet operating costs are equivalent to those of many two-cabin aircraft. Our philosophy of thinking differently has created an aircraft with wide-ranging appeal – and one that makes for an intelligent choice for fast, reliable and comfortable travel anywhere in the world.


Specification Details
Height 21 ft 9 in
Wing Span 69 ft 5 in
Length 86 ft 5 in


Specification Details
Height 6 ft 0 In
Width 6 ft 11 In
Length 49 ft 10 In
Internal Baggage 286 cu ft


Specification Details
Normal Range 3661 nm
Max Range 3900 nm
Service seiling 41000 ft


Specification Details
Crew 2
Passengers 13

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