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HAWKER 700/750

  • Speed : 740km/hr


The Hawker 750 (Hawker Beechcraft 125-750) can fly 2,116 nautical miles with 4 passengers, which is slightly lower than its predecessor while achieving better runway performance – this midsize jet only needs 4,696 feet to takeoff at sea level, and 7,094 feet at high altitudes. This results in an improvement of nearly 1,000 ft over the 850XP, which opens access to smaller airports around the world.


Specification Details
Height 18 ft 1 in
Wing Span 51 ft 3 in
Length 51 ft 2 in


Specification Details
Height 5 ft 9 In
Width 6 ft
Length 21 ft 4 In
Internal Baggage 79 cu ft


Specification Details
Normal Range 1,968 mni
Max Range 1,968 mni
Service seiling 41,000 ft


Specification Details
Crew 2
Passengers 8

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